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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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Jordan Marie

where did you find #5? :)


Scout Photographie

I think I found them on Zappos! Can't remember the brand though :)

Jordan Marie

darn... gotta search for those!! <3

Scout Photographie

http://www.zappos.com/steve-madden-cablee-brown-leather found 'em!

Jordan Marie

you're amazing.. i searched and couldn't find them.. i pinned them!! yay!
if only they weren't 150$.. i also don't know how to pull them off, but am in love with them so much.. i think 'cause i owned them in my previous life 200 years ago.. lol..
but i would learn how to pull them off..

p.s. i love twilight too.. and her so skinny ticked me off ha ha and freaked me out!
i can't wait for the last.. i also read the books!

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